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GETS GROUP LLC is a diversified group of businesses in consulting and engineering technology

GETS Group partners are highly versatile and skilled in adapting expertise and services to dynamic market requirements and constant technological advances

GETS GROUP acts as the client’s representative and consulting in forming joint ventures and consortia with overseas oil and gas service companies to apply for various licenses and permits for exploration and field development.

This is a way to provide customers with the professional support they need to remain adaptable and make the right decisions today on order to meet the challenges.



We are here to create solutions for effective impact throughout the world.


At GETS Export Consulting we offer everything from a general assessment of your export requirements, right through to a detailed market analysis, entry strategy and merchandising advice specifically targeted to your business and export objectives.


We believe in the tremendous power of innovation and partnership to foster a business-enabling environment


Business Development

We provide expert advice and research to drive and improve public policy.

Environmental Consulting

GETS is committed to finding and sharing innovative solutions that create value in organizations.

Management Consulting

GETS is seasoned public sector investment managers and experienced in catalyzing public and private sector resources for sustainable development.

Project Management

Development projects appraisal including preparation of key studies and plans to ensure effectiveness and evaluability

Strategic Consulting

Alongside with industry experience and respected network of partners We are what you need.

Export Consultation

We are positioned to serve as an independent advisors.


Including e-contracts and Manpower


With participation in Product, Account, roadshows and official accounts, mapping of reflected pieces and personalized investment missions,

Working in oil and gas has always been a part of our job ,you can reach out for any further Questions


Identification of Projects Opportunities and License Applications:

Through its extensive network of industry contacts, backed up by daily research on international industry development and affairs, GETS is at the forefront in identifying opportunities and advising its clients accordingly. Upon client’s instructions GETS continues to research the investment opportunity, and acts as the client’s representative in forming joint ventures and consortia to apply for various licenses and permits for exploration and field development.


Assets Divestitures and Acquisitions:

For farm outs and farm-ins, GETS is retained by client companies and acts as their agent in either a purchase or vendor capacity. GETS is able to advise clients as to the appropriate marketing strategies and structuring of their transactions. In the case of disposals or farm outs, GETS short lists appropriate acquirer companies based on its knowledge of their acquisition objectives and use of personal contacts within these companies. GETS handles all marketing aspects, including preparation of Information Memoranda, follow-up contacts, data rooms and technical presentations, as well as involvement in deal negotiation. In the case of acquisitions and farm-ins, GETS utilizes its daily update knowledge base of existing opportunities to source deals. GETS will also use its extensive personal contacts in the industry to secure attractive, often off-market assets for its clients.


Management and Consultancy Service:

Assets Management: GETS. will assist its clients in the management of their licenses and production sharing contracts. This includes developing license business strategies, interfacing with and reporting to host country Ministries, and liaising with joint venture partners for technical and operational committee meetings (T.C.M. and O.C.M.).
Analysis of Investment Opportunities: GETS supports clients in their acquisition activities by attending data rooms, or making host country visits to gather technical and commercial information, and subsequently preparing reports and technical and economical analyses of the investment opportunity.
Business Evaluation: GETS evaluates the business operations of a client, taking into account its licenses and operations, historical performances, and forecasts of projected revenues and cash flows, GETS will thereafter advise on appropriate corporate strategies, and will prepare an Information Memorandum to be used in achieving such strategies. Strategies which GETS will thereafter assist in implementing, include seeking of oil companies partners or farm-inees for individual licenses, seeking of merger candidates, or securing of funding from external sources (from financial markets or investor groups).


Liaison Office:

With its vast experience in the Middle East oil and gas market GETS earned the reputation as one of the most efficient liaison services company around. Foreign companies hire GETS to be their local representative and to help them getting established in this market.
As a liaison office GETS offers the following:
Modern and fully stuffed offices to help clients launch their activities in this region. Arrange registration of principals in the appropriate projects bidder lists Keep track on issuance of tenders, and collect documents whenever required and send them to clients. Keep close watch on day to day development of pending offers and up-coming tenders for our clients and timely feed back. Arrange meetings between the clients and top officials or management concerned by the targeted projects. Follow up clarifications on bids and keep clients informed with guidelines for actions to come. Suggest strategies to clients and help implement them. Help preparing the tenders and present them to the issuing companies in a timely manner. Attend bid openings, prepare comparative statements, and provide analysis on the outcomes.



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